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Pharmaka Gallery Mission

Pharmaka is a Greek word that means to paint or artist's colors. It also means a poison or remedy. This word was chosen for two reasons. First, because it is from a time and place that helped launch Western Civilization and second because it best describes the current state of painting at the beginning of the 21st century.

Pharmaka is a group of artists that live and work in Los Angeles. The core of the group are painters and the rest are connected to art through architecture, writing and art dealing.

Pharmaka came together in response to the pluralistic nature of the current art scene. We are not implying that pluralism is a negative trend, but that it has created an environment where almost anything goes... often without any meaningful criteria.

The mission of the Pharmaka group and Gallery is to actively pursue an intellectual and verbal dialogue with painting and its place in history and today's society.

The Pharmaka Gallery will have exhibitions that explore the role of painting in it's now pluralistic nature, addressing realism, abstraction, narrative, patterns, non-objective and all the other categories that painting now falls into. Painting has been all of those things and more, but never at the same time. Does that now make all painting a conceptual pursuit? We believe so, but it is also a pursuit that is reached through a process. This process is steeped in history and is the foundation upon which we stand.

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