Avantika Bawa
Avantika Bawa makes aggregates of painting, installation, and sculpture that are simultaneously humble and ambitious. Bawa often begins by applying blue housepaint to simple corrugated cardboard that then becomes a component within a larger arrangement... read more
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Brett Callero
Brett Callero creates works he calls "remakes." The name derives from his inverted processes. Callero begins his creative work by creating a freely-associative installation in his studio from images and text fragments derived from the culture around him... read more
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Lauren Clay
Lauren Clay primarily makes large paintings on paper. The titles of her works usually indicate that each piece is a "proposal" for a subsequent work, but like Cindy Sherman's Untitled Film Stills, the final work never exists. Clay manages to create pieces that are physically large without seeming monolithic... read more
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Craig Drennen
I am Craig Drennen, and in my own work I refer to the 1984 movie Supergirl. Supergirl is an information cluster that I explore the way a diver explores a shipwreck. The information is static and forgotten. The drawings and paintings I make function as searchlights, whose power to reveal is still becoming apparent to me... read more
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Fred Jesser
Fred Jesser begins his work by stretching printed materials over traditional stretchers. He then devotes himself to studying the pattern and locating ways within which he can insinuate his own presence... read more
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Heath Ritch
Heath Ritch makes what at first glance seem to be competent abstractions with subtle surface variations. The truth is more complex. Ritch starts each piece by carefully painting an image found in the pages of current art magazines... read more
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Jessica Schnebel
Jessica Schnebel is involved with a project she calls "Glamour Incomplete." Schnebel has a one-year subscription to Glamour magazine an each time a new issue arrives, she begins a 5'10" painting of the cropped cover. She works on the painting for one month, or until the next issue arrives... read more
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Michael Scoggins
Michael Scoggins also makes large-scale works on paper. In his case, he creates oversize reproductions of notebook paper. The notebook paper becomes the form within which he revisits imagery from childhood, or more exactly, a male childhood... read more
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Eric Standley
Eric Standley destabilizes the use value for painting while continuing to spend long hours in the studio. Standley makes modest scale representational paintings on linen using traditional techniques of underpainting and glazing. The images portrayed are often jars or containers of some sort in both interior and outdoor settings... read more
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Alexis Terry
Alexis Terry has begun making elaborate wall installations from cans of pigmented plaster. The cans are the simplest variety reclaimed from the trash by Terry, who has also done endurance based performance work. She cleans each can, then fills it to the brim with colored plaster, while extending a screw from the bottom of the can... read more
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Read more about the artists in the Painting the Transmission of Information essay (Adobe© pdf document).

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