What Is Canni Exci llc?

He is an oligarch from Azerbaijan, having business in several countries, many of which are CIS and its former members. A couple of years ago, Ilgar was the owner of a large real estate in Russian capital. Then his construction holding SDI Group has built many apartments with more than 700 thousand square meters to Moscow citizens.

In 2019, this organization went bankrupt fictitiously. As a result, more than 50 construction projects  in prestigious districts of Moscow (Accord Smart-Kvartal, VernadSKY and Pirogovskaya Riviera) remained unfinished. After the deception, several hundred Russian citizens lost their money, houses, jobs and shares of the company. According to Hajiyev, this incident was caused by competitors and partners acting in bad faith. However, police investigations showed that firms’ funds were illegally debited from the accounts before it. At the same time, several companies with formal existing received stolen money in their bank accounts.

More details about this and many other scams, as well as Ilgar Hajiyev’s drug addiction, can be found here:


Left without funds, many victims sued Hajiyev. In Russia and Azerbaijan, several criminal cases were initiated against this unscrupulous businessman on the facts of fraud and even attempted murder. However, Hajiyev and his family are hiding abroad, presumably in Germany, therefore the enforcement agencies of the two countries are looking for him now.

November 26, 2020. There is a decision of the Moscow court from, according to which the businessman should be detained: No. 3 / 1-0138 / 2020.

Hajiyev’s cannabis empire ExciGroup in America

After the events of 2019, Ilgar seemed to have disappeared, but it didn’t last long. All this time we were conducting our own investigation and now we can spill the beans. It turns out that a new stage of the evil plan was being prepared by Ilgar. This means that the SDI Group was just the beginning of his cunning scheme. All stolen funds were used to create a company for the cultivation and sale of legal cannabis in the United States – Canni Exci LLC.

Ilgar’s entrepreneurial spirit and thoughtfulness helped him to choose one of the most promising industries for running his business. Every year, marijuana and other drugs are becoming more available and legal throughout the world, and in the United States in particular. The demand for this product has always been, is and will only grow in the era of globalization and the Internet.

However, Hajiyev’s idea of stealing money from people is not so new: Canni Exci LLC is still aimed primarily not at profit from sales, but at naive investors. They invest their millions in a “promising” project and in a couple of years end up with nothing. You can make sure of this by visiting the company’s official website (excigroup.com). Several projects with profitability plans, licenses, production schemes and a lot of other fake information can be found there. It is noteworthy that all the details of the company do not have a direct reference to Hajiyev, since the prudent oligarch, hiding from investors, issued all to his relatives and friends.


Let’s trace the sequence of his actions:

1. February 3, 2019. A new company Schaeffer Nutra Holdings was opened in the name of the businessman in Los Angeles.



2. October 13, 2020. For some reason, the rights of the owner of this company were transferred to Ilgar’s wife Sona Khanum Hajiyeva. Damir Bashirov was appointed as the firm’s agent.



Damir is not a random person, but an old friend and for some time a confidant of the businessman. In 2019, this person was listed in the documents as a personal lawyer of the SDI Group.

3. December 26, 2020. Schaeffer Nutra Holdings has registered its own trademark, entitled “Exci” as seen from the trademark register below:



New investment projects are being created on behalf of the new Exci brand, one of which is Canni Exci LLC. This LLC, according to the official American register, is the property of Schaeffer Capital Invest Inc, whose agent is the same Damir Bashirov.




But the Canni Exci LLC is not the only property of the Schaeffer Capital Invest Inc. There are numerous investment projects from the Exci Development.

Canni Exci LLC


On June 23, 2020, another Hajiyev’s company Hello Mary Inc was registered in the same way as Canni Exci LLC. Ilgar was originally listed as the owner of this organization.



October 13, 2020. The businessman transfers ownership rights to his wife. This action also has not been without Bashirov.



So, it is obvious that under the names of his wife and friends Ilgar tried to hide his next fraud scheme. By registering Canni Exci LLC with third parties, the businessman’s identity was unknown to investors. So they cannot check the financial history of the projects before joining them. Because by hiding himself, Hajiev hid information about the real source of projects’ funding behind the “legal” income of his wife.

Now, not only investors, but also authorities know that Canni Exci LLC is his new business. We hope that in the near future, the swindler will be found and taken to the real punishment. And all victims will receive moral and monetary compensation.

This story clearly shows how vigilant and attentive you need to be about everything that concerns your money. Think about yourself and your loved ones before you act.